Redskins Pay Hefty Price for RG3

By: Justin Pawlowski

As we wrote about here during the combine, it is amazing how the Rams 2nd overall selection had more value than the Colts 1st pick of the draft.  Well, that came to fruition on Thursday night.

According to Fox Sports and NFL Network’s Jay Glazer, the Redskins have traded 1st round picks in 2012, 2013, 2014, and their 2nd round selection in 2012 to move up four spots in this years draft to select Robert Griffin III.

I completely understand the notion that the NFL is a quarterback driven league, but this is the type of trade that makes dynasties.

The Rams will now have two 2nd round selections in 2012, two 1st round selections in 2013, and two 1st round selections in 2014.  In addition, the Rams also have a large amount of cap space to work with during free agency.  If they sign one or two key free agents, the Rams might be in the market to become a super bowl contender in the very near future.

For the Redskins, this is the type of desperation move you would expect from the trio of Daniel Snyder, Bruce Allen, and Mike Shanahan.  After having the combination of Rex Grossman and John Beck last season, the Redskins have now ensured themselves of acquiring one of the draft’s two elite quarterback prospects

The biggest winner of this trade might have been Matt Flynn.  Although I believe there are many questions surrounding Flynn, teams will not get even more desperate to find a quarterback and over pay Flynn.  I look for the Dolphins or Browns to potentially be Flynn’s landing spot.

Another winner in this madness is Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.  With Luck and RG3 going with the first two selections, Tannehill could definitely find himself going within the top 10 picks of this year’s draft.  The Browns, Dolphins, Chiefs, and Seahawks could all draft him depending on how free agency plays out.

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6 Responses to Redskins Pay Hefty Price for RG3

  1. RastaMon says:

    Heavy price indeed…..many Buc fans do not understand the the void of talent from the SB chase…
    2-1st Keyshawn
    1-2nd Kenyatta
    2-1st Gruden
    2-2nd Gruden
    combined with a mature/aging SB roster
    these are just the highlights
    not counting on the typical draft picks that did not work out and career stunting injuries
    the Redskins/Bruce Allen
    paid a very heavy price

  2. Aaron Majors says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the Colts would be better off selecting RG3? Then the skins would be forced to take Luck… I view Luck possibly like a Ryan Leaf pick. The Colts made the right decision then, will they now? Now, for the sake of my argument, how do you think Luck wood fair as a Redskin? I think Daniel Snyder’s head would explode if this happened…. Lol

    • Thomas says:

      No way is Luck another Ryan Leaf. Luck has his head screwed on right and Leaf was a nut from the get go. I believe pocket passes do better in this league then the mobile variety. Look at the teams that made the playoffs … all but one had pocket passes.
      The only “mobile” QB I knew that won a SB is Young and I really would not put him in the same category of mobile today.
      Most of the times these guys get exposed in the playoffs and never make it through the divisional rounds

  3. Aaron Majors says:

    * would

  4. Aaron Majors says:

    Does anybody, besides me, think that the colts shoul d draft RG3? I just think that Luck will prove to be more like Ryan Leaf than Manning… Plus I am pretty sure that Daniel Snyder’s head might explode if that happens. Lol…. How would Luck do as a Redskin?

  5. The Redskins are stupid as hell for all they gave up to get RG 3.
    Thanks to their stupidity, the Rams will be the NFL’s next dynasty.
    RG 3 alone will not take the Deadskins to a championship. They have tons of holes, starting with Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan themselves.
    Bruce Allen will go down in history as the person who destroyed the Redskins with this stupid trade.

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