Robinson and Henne Join Jags

By: Chris Dommermuth

The Jaguars added a couple of players on offense Wednesday, signing WR Laurent Robinson and QB Chad Henne. Both players will be looked upon to improve a dismal Jaguars passing game last season.

Robinson, the bigger signing of the two, got a 5-yr. $32.5 million contract with $14 million guaranteed. He’ll move in as the number-1 receiver for second year QB, Blaine Gabbert (or third year QB, Tim Tebow, wink wink).

Robinson will give the Jaguars a true vertical and red zone threat.

Gabbert struggled last season, Robinson gives him a solid receiver, but it will be hard for Robinson to match the numbers he put up last season. After being cut in training camp by the Chargers, and then by the Cowboys week 1, only to be signed a week later, Robinson finished with 54 catches for 858 yards and 11 TD’s.

It’ll be tough for Laurent Robinson to match those numbers. In Dallas, he had a better QB, and other receivers for teams to key in on, which gave him opportunities for 1-on-1 coverages. With the Jaguars, he’ll likely be the focal point for defenses in the passing game.

Robinson’s demand went up when several key free agents were taken off the market like Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Marques Colston. People are talking about the Jaguars overpaying, but anytime you get a player in free agency, it’s likely an overpay. This is why the draft is so important.

Chad Henne joins the Jaguars after 4-yrs. in Miami. He started 31 games in that time going 13-18 in the those starts. Henne signed a 2-yr. contract Wednesday, after visiting with the Seahawks on Tuesday.

Henne played in just 4 games last season, having his season cut short with a separated shoulder on his non-throwing arm. Although Gabbert will be the starter, if he struggles (and he will), Henne would be the next in line to get the starts.

If Gabbert doesn’t improve his pocket presence and accuracy, you’ll almost certainly see Henne starting. Henne has been inconsistent himself, with accuracy at throwing down the field plaguing him his entire career.

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