Titans Sign Wimbley

By: Chris Dommermuth

The Titans have signed DE Kamerion Wimbley to a 5-yr. $35 million contract.

The Titans are now trying to save their off season as best as they can. They were first in on signing Mario Williams, who eventually signed with Buffalo, but pulled out in order to try and lure Peyton Manning away from the other suitors. With Manning eventually signing with the Broncos (you may have heard about this), the Titans are now trying to save face.

the Titans finished second to last– behind the Bucs– with just 28 total sacks on the season.

Wimbley was cut just 1-yr. into his 5-yr. $48 million with the Raiders.  He has experience playing outside linebacker and defensive end in 4-3 alignments, as well as outside linebacker in 3-4 systems which fits well for Mike Munchak’s defensive scheme.

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