Tulloch’s Numbers Are In; Lofton On Deck?

By: Justin Pawlowski

Once Stephen Tulloch signed his 5-year deal to return to the Detroit Lions, many eyes were on the financials of his new contract.

With many linebackers like Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne still on the open market, Tulloch’s deal could set the precedent on what these other linebackers could expect from other teams.

According to Lions beat writer Anwar Richardson, Tulloch received much less than what was expected.

Lions LB Stephen Tulloch’s 5-year deal is worth $25 million ($11 million guaranteed), according to a source.

Tulloch’s new contract is substantially less than the $9m per year that Curtis Lofton was rumored to be asking for.  Lofton and Tulloch have very similar skill sets, so it would be a safe assumption that Lofton could expect to receive similar offers from teams interested.

One team that has been interested and reportedly have given Lofton an offer is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Buccaneers have refused to give into the high demands of linebackers early in free agency, and now could capitalize on that patience with Tulloch’s deal possibly setting the market.

With every day that passes, Curtis Lofton’s price drops.  I still think, even with the signing of Lofa Tatupu, that Lofton could return to the Falcons.  Lofton has been looking for a huge pay day.  If he can’t find a team willing to give in to his outrageous demands and he is forced to settle for a much smaller contract, it is very possible that he settles for that smaller contract with a team in the city he has called home.

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6 Responses to Tulloch’s Numbers Are In; Lofton On Deck?

  1. Matthews says:

    Did the Falcons not invest a third rounder on a mlb last draft? Plus, Tatupu.

  2. steve says:

    loften is an option. but i think they should sign gary brackett to a two year deal. draft a mlddle linebacker in 2013 let him develope for a season behind brackett then take over in 2014. don’t forget gary played his collage ball at rutgers also he’s been to two superbowls thats the kind of leadership we need at linebacker.

  3. Jarret says:

    Wow do the Bucs look dumb for the contract they gave Quincy Black. Hard to see how they don’t force him to restructure.

    Lofton needs to hurry up and make up his mind. Why havent the Bucs talked to David Hawthorne. Similar style player

  4. Mike J says:

    Jarret, as a Bucs fan I 100% agree.Dominik seems to have no idea how to spend money. I am amazed he still has a job.

  5. ed derkevics says:

    hope bucs make moves soon for a lb, and , i believe they need at least one veteran rb. obviously, they will draft at both positions, but they need leadership, veteran leadership if possible.

  6. Ron says:

    I think David Hawtorne makes a hell of a lot of sense to the Bucs now. He played very will the past two seasons in Bradley’s old-Buc D. But he got on the field filling in for LeRoy Hill at WLB, to the point the Seahawks felt fine without Hill. He also has played SLB. His signing would allow the Bucs to test different combinations–especially if they are considering keeping Foster at MLB. In that scenario, Hawthorne would easily start at one of the two outside spots.
    Then again, E.J. Henderson could be a one-year stopgap for a lower price.

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