“A Very Polarizing Player in Draft Rooms”

By: Justin Pawlowski

Earlier on Friday it was reported that Dontari Poe could be facing a major fall come draft day.  Poe was the star of the combine, but since then, teams have realized that his film does not match the ability he shows.

According to Russ Lande of the Sporting News, Poe is sliding way down draft boards.

Poe’s effort was inconsistent during the 2011 season and his production was not  impressive. Many teams are comparing Poe to former NFL defensive tackle Ryan  Sims, who was chosen sixth overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2002.

Poe is a unique individual who has the combination of size (6’3” 340 lbs), speed (4.9), and athleticism that defensive coaches dream about.  However, as stated above, his film just does not match his ability.

As Russ Lande’s story was just reaching the public, I was interviewing the Senior Producer for NFL Films Greg Cosell about the upcoming draft and asked him about Poe.

“I was on the field at the combine and saw him run that.  I gotta tell you, it blew me away,” Cosell said of Dontari Poe’s combine. “On film you see the athleticism and movement.  There will be coaches that say, ‘I can take that athleticism and make him a player,’ and there will be other coaches that say, ‘Oh yeah, he’s athletic, but when I’m done watching the tape he didn’t make any plays.”

It only takes one team to like a player enough to draft him.  I love when people say that a player is falling on draft boards.  As long as said player does not fall on one team’s draft board, why does it matter?

As for Poe, if teams are going to debate as much as Cosell says in the quote below, he’ll still be a 1st round selection.

“He’ll be a very polarizing player in draft rooms.”

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One Response to “A Very Polarizing Player in Draft Rooms”

  1. Poe will go high in the draft, simply because he is a freakish athlete. People remember when the Giants drafted Jason Pierre Paul last year, another freakish athlete.
    Some Teams will feel Poe may be the next Mario Williams, and desperate for pass rush help, some of them will take a chance on him.
    I will be surprised if he does not go in the bottom of the first round, or top of round 2.
    Too bad he will be long gone by the time Tampa picks in round 2.

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