More Smoke to the Matt Forte Fire

By: Justin Pawlowski

Last week, I pointed out that the situation between the Bears and their franchise running back, Matt Forte, could get real ugly, real soon.  The Bears had said that they had offered Forte a contract and Forte said he wasn’t signing it.

Forte totaled more than 50% of the Bears offense over the past couple of years, but according to Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole, the Bears are treating Forte as if he were an average running back.

At a time when running backs aren’t supposed to be that vital, Forte is an exception. Over the past two seasons, the Bears are 14-2 (playoffs included) when Forte has carried the ball at least 16 times. They are 5-9 when he doesn’t, including 0-4 last season. Forte is looking for a contract along the lines of Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson. The Bears want to pay him along the lines of an average runner. This is going to be ugly.

At 26 years old, Forte still has a lot of football in the tank and has gotten completely disrespected by the team he has carried on his back the past couple of years.  I doubt he will see “Adrian Peterson” money, but he deserves a raise, and a hefty one at that.

The Bears have other running backs under contract, so, like Jason Cole and my friends at, I would not be shocked to see Forte traded during the draft.  I just wonder what the Bears expect to get in return.

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One Response to More Smoke to the Matt Forte Fire

  1. jack says:

    If the BUCS do not draft Trent Richardson with their first pick, they should trade their 2nd round pick for Forte

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