Two-Start Starters; Week 2

By: Chris Dommermuth

When it comes to Fantasy Baseball, my views on starting pitching is not high and slightly unconventional. I have always thought that it’s easier to find good pitching then it is to find good hitting. I will rarely take a pitcher early in the draft.

I usually go after guys who get two starts in a week. Innings pitched, strikeouts, and wins are just as valuable as ERA and WHIP in most leagues. If you get guys pitching twice in a week, you’re more likely to win at least half of your pitching categories, sometimes all.

I’m not a person who believes you don’t pay for saves. A plus group of closers will lower your ERA which gives you the opportunity to pick up lesser pitchers who get two starts in a week.

Remember, a player who gives your team two 6 inning 3 earned runs starts is more valuable then a “stud” pitcher who gives you an 8 inning 2 earned run start. Less is not more.

My philosophy being explained, it’s time to re-institute the “Two-Start Pitchers” segment. Last season I gave you three pitchers that are owned in less then 50% of all leagues that will have two starts in the upcoming week. Here are week 2′s top 2-starts pitchers available this week.

Jeff Niemann, Tampa Bay Rays

This may seem like a homer pick, but I love Jeff Niemann for this week. He pitches on the road against Toronto on Tuesday and at home against the Minnesota on Sunday. He pitched better in his first start then the stats showed. He looked good through 4 innings but showed fatigue after that. He tends to be somewhat streaky but when he’s on a streak, he’s a top of the rotation pitcher. I think he gets you two quality starts this week.

Erik Bedard, Pittsburgh Pirates

Talent has never been Bedard’s problem. Health has been the issue for him. Over his 9-yr. career, Bedard has started more then 30 games just once. Well he’s healthy right now. His 0-2 early season record doesn’t reflect how well he has pitched thus far. He has a 2.25 ERA in 12 innings. I don’t love his match up against Arizona on the road Monday and at home against St. Louis on Sunday, but Bedard is pitching well enough for at least a look. Ride his hot streak out until he gets hurt (we all know it’s going to happen).

Joe Blanton, Philadelphia Phillies

It’s not often that you’ll see a fifth start who will make two road starts on my list. In fact, this may be the first and last time is happens. Blanton will make road starts against arguably the two worst offenses in the National League when he pitches at San Francisco Tuesday and at San Diego on Sunday. Blanton pitched well in his only start this season when he went 7 innings and allowed just 1 run against the Marlins. Blanton should have two quality starts this week.

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