Greg Cosell Joins the Commish

By: Chris Dommermuth

The Commish had Execuvtive Producer of NFL Matchup and Senior Producer of NFL Films for 33 years Greg Cosell on with him Monday to talk about last weekend’s NFL Draft. Cosell was on with the Commish the week leading up to that draft.

Cosell was asked if he thought that the Giants would have taken Doug Martin with the 32nd pick had the Bucs not traded up and selected him at 31. Cosell felt that Martin is a better al around player then David Wilson and that the Giants “have to say” they would have selected Wilson either way. The Giants aren’t going to say they didn’t want a guy they drafted. Cosell even said that as many years as he’s been in the game, he doesn’t even ask GM’s what they thought of their draft.

Greg was impressed by the aggressiveness of Bucs GM Mark Dominick during the first two days of the draft. He said that the goal in every draft is to get “select good players.” Cosell predicts that the first three Buc picks will be starters from day 1 (Barron, Martin, David).

Speaking of LaVonte David, Cosell felt that selecting him 53rd overall was a very good value pick. He feels their were 3 quality MLB’s in the draft and along with Kuechly, and Kendricks, David is one of them.

To hear the Commish’s interview with Greg Cosell, click below:

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  1. below me says:

    one day, i would love to hear this interview…..NEWMAN!!!!

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