Week 7 TE Rankings

By: Chris Dommermuth

1. Jimmy Graham,New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Bucs
2. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots vs. New York Jets
3. Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks
4. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina Panthers
5. Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals
6. Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots vs. New York Jets
7. Owen Daniels, Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens
8. Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis Rams
9. Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals
10. Martellus Bennett, New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins


11. Scott Chandler, Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans
12. Jared Cook, Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills
13. Dustin Keller, New York Jets @ New England Patriots
14. Jermaine Gresham, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
15. Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears
16. Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders
17. Fred Davis, Washington Redskins @ New York Giants
18. Greg Olsen, Carlina Panther vs. Dallas Cowboys
19. Lance Kendricks, St. Louis Rams vs. Green Bay Packers
20. Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans

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